Mark Oostergo

Psychologist, army officer and expert in motivational and supportive leadership.

Mark has a broad background beginning his career serving nearly a decade in the Australian Army as a Psychology Officer. This provided him the opportunity to provide individual, team, and organisational psychological intervention both in Australia and overseas on operations. During this time, Mark also had the privilege of working with Australia’s elite Special Forces in human performance, workplace mental health, and trauma responses.

As a psychologist, Mark has also worked across industry in human factors, human performance, workplace mental health, and leadership development. Mark is currently the General Manager of Communicorp and leads a talented team of psychologists.

In his presentation Mark explains what the research tells us about resilience in the workplace, how to engage with staff during stressful times, and offers evidence-based practical strategies to help you develop and lead a resilient team.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is resilience and why it is important.
  • How to build resilience awareness in the workplace.
  • Leadership attributes of resilient teams.
  • Rethinking of interpersonal boundaries in people management.
  • Effective problem-solving approaches for periods of high stress.
  • Engaging with staff during times of high stress.
  • Team-based activities to create and support resilient teams.