Kamal Sarma

Venture capitalist, former monk and Chairman of the R U OK thinktank.

Having spent seven years in India training as a monk before pursuing a corporate career, Kamal Sarma brings a unique perspective to the business world. Kamal has been recognised for his peace work in China and Tibet during 2008. He has not only co-founded two venture capital firms, but also held senior executive positions in organisations such as McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly and AMP Capital Investors. Currently, Kamal is the Chairman of the R U OK Thinktank, Chairman of Amicus Digital and CEO of Rezilium, a strategic leadership development firm.

To gain an advantage in life and in business the most important skill you need to develop is connection. Yet we are never taught the skills that enable us to connect deeply with one another, our clients or our purpose.

Delegates will walk away from this presentation with a tool kit for human connection designed to future-proof individuals, teams, clients and relationships. By exploring:

  • a framework for future human connection – the mindset, toolsets and skill sets
  • how to have conversations that drive connection at a personal, client, team & organisational level
  • how to deepen relationships and improve results
  • the areas where connection can break down and how to rebuild it
  • connection for today’s digital, analogue and hybrid world