Mark Wales

Entrepreneur, author and former career special forces officer.

Mark Wales was a career special forces officer in charge of 30 elite soldiers, his role was to lead combat missions deep behind enemy lines. Mark has completed 10 tours of duty to Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Lebanon and the Solomon Islands. Mark Wales’ successful transition from the Army led him to a high-profile business career. He graduated with an MBA from the Wharton School of Business – and joined McKinsey & Company. Mark was listed in Wharton’s prestigious 40 under 40 awards for business excellence. He is the founder and CEO of a tough-luxury brand, Kill Kapture. Mark Wales’ best-selling memoir: Survivor: Life in the SAS, is known as one of the leading contemporary war memoirs.

Mark believes that leadership can be taught, and the aim of this keynote is to outline the fundamentals of elite leadership. Mark will draw on his experience at the top levels of business and special operations to show you that the basics done well, are the foundations of mission success. Mark draws from neurobiology and uses personal examples to illustrate a proven approach to prevention, recovery and growth.