Breeanna Brock

First female CEO to be appointed in the AFL.

In her nine year tenure in female football, she has cemented Queensland’s reputation as one of the powerhouse states for women’s AFL.

By establishing the Brisbane Lions inaugural women’s team, who won their first Premiership in 2021, Breeanna has created a full playing pathway for the women and girls of Queensland. With access to this elite, high performing environment, females are no longer forced to abandon a game they love due to lack of professional opportunity.

Awarded the AFL Football Woman of the Year award in 2018, Breeanna’s work is slowly dismantling age-old thinking around female representation in sport, to create a more level, gender-balanced, playing field.

In her presentation, Breeanna will unpack her own rise to leadership, how the road to success is not linear and how managing through failure is what makes you a success.