Union HealthUnion Health believe in delivering a health fund which gives more back – be it better benefits, more hospital choice or a wider range of extras.

They exist to serve the health needs of all past and present union members and their families – from public servants and tradies, to nurses and ambos, and everyone in between!  Union Health offer quality, affordable health insurance products to suit every age and life stage.

Because they are 100% owned by members, their profits go straight back into providing better products, more services and a wider choice of hospitals for members. Union Health work hard to keep average premium increases as low as possible. And because their staff aren’t paid commissions, there’s no pushy salespeople.

There are many reasons why joining Union Health makes great sense – from tax implications to avoiding painful waits, to simple wellbeing. Union Health are here to help you choose the right cover for you, and show you how to get the most from it.

Read more about Union Health’s Extras Cover and the Medicare Levy Surcharge on their blog.

Don’t forget to visit Union Health stand at #NextCare this year.

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