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Simon Dowling

Simon Dowling

Popular speaker, author and an improvisational comedy veteran.

As a former Thank God You’re Here cast member, Simon Dowling is certainly no stranger to improvisation and collaboration. Working as a commercial lawyer by day and an improv-comedy troupe member by night, Simon became fascinated by the different ways in which leaders can shape workplace culture. Over the past twenty years, Simon has been working with leaders across a wide range of industries, helping them tap the collective genius of their people. Amongst Simon’s clients are companies such as SEEK, Bega Foods and Mercedes Benz.

Simon’s work primarily focusses on how to engage teams, create a powerful platform for the rest of the organisation and collaborate for change. Known for his interactive and casual style, Simon creates opportunities for active involvement in every session he runs.

Simon is also the author of Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas.